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DeltaQ Consultants:

We provide a range of services in support of our mission to various clientele, all focused on solving complex problems. We also conduct independent research that is in alignment with our corporate mission. This means we focus on using existing research or research that can be completed in several years, which will yield a product or methodology that can benefit society directly. We feel that we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of our research experience and our experience in catastrophic losses in order to achieve an end result that can impact society in the short term.

While we acknowledge the need for long-term research our focus is on bridging the gap between the laboratory and applications for today, thus our focus on the end use or application of the research.

Large and Small Scale Fire Testing

Testing is often required in order to provide support for investigations or to validate modeling simulations. Our staff has extensive experience in conducting and designing tests to appropriately capture the necessary information to support the project. In addition we have used and designed a variety of tests in order to assist with new product development and product enhancement.

We provide custom testing in partnership with FireTEC, the fire testing facilities located at University of Maryland, as well as at a number of other facilities. For specialized testing needs we have relationships with additional facilities to handle everything up to large scale pool fire tests.

Product Development and Assessment

In addition to pursuing novel product development in-house, we provide product development services to its clients. Our highly trained engineers can prepare prototypes, including software, suitable to demonstrate a project to the US patent office, to investors, or to potential clients or licensees.

Our test capabilities, through our laboratory facilities as well as with our allied laboratory relationships, help ensure that all requirements are met, and that a new product is compliant with various regulations. Testing protocols can also be developed to assist in the establishment of product performance standards.

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