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Audit and Regulatory Compliance | DeltaQ Consultants

DeltaQ Consultants:

Management System Audits (ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000, SEMS)

DeltaQ Consultants offers customized services to help you implement and maintain your management system. Based on your needs, we can provide any or all of the following services:

  • Third party audit
  • GAP analysis and upgrade of existing ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000, offshore SEMS programs to comply with certification requirements
  • Implementation plans with effort and cost estimates
  • Design and development of written policies, programs and procedures
  • Implementation assistance
  • Development of management system metrics
  • Annual review of systems
  • Integration with classification and certificate processes
  • Training Program Development and Delivery

Regulatory Compliance Evaluation and Audit

Penalties for violations of health and safety laws and regulations can cost a company millions of dollars. Also, the adverse public relations resulting from poor regulatory compliance can cost millions more in lost consumer goodwill, and it can have a negative impact on valuable brands.

Audits provided by DeltaQ Consultants can assist clients in fulfilling their regulatory obligations, and when reported in a timely fashion, fines for noncompliance may be eliminated or reduced. In addition, an audit can provide a client with a better understanding of company data that is available to the public at large and can provide a foundation to build a better image in the minds of the general public and customers. An audit can also reduce potential risks to the health of employees, members of the community, consumers, and the environment; they can increase efficiency by reducing waste; and they can optimize procedures for future compliance. Clients can identify practices not in compliance with applicable regulations, provide personnel with adequate training and guidance to correct these practices, and ensure that compliance mechanisms are entrenched in the corporate culture.

A regulatory audit provides an objective review of facility operations and practices and result in recommendations to ensure future compliance. Because audits enhance regulatory compliance and create economic benefit, many clients are conducting frequent third party audits as a normal course of business. Environmental and health and safety self-audits can take many forms, including:

  • Due diligence reviews to support business transactions;
  • "Mock" inspections to simulate an regulatory inspector's methods and scope of investigation;
  • Comprehensive, environmental, safety, health, and security compliance reviews;
  • On-site facility audits and inspections;
  • Off-site record reviews;
  • Reviews of national laws and regulations, state laws and regulations, and local ordinances;
  • Reviews of company compliance systems, personnel responsibilities, and implementation strategies;
  • Product specific compliance reviews;
  • Activity specific compliance reviews; and
  • Drills on reporting procedures for accidents or releases
  • Training Program Development and Delivery

Insurance and Underwriting Risk Assessments and Audits

We offer independent Insurance and Underwriting Risk Assessment and Audit Services to insurance companies and other related clients. These assessments and reviews of a policyholder’s records and operations help you to ensure that the coverage information is accurate and that the premiums accurately represent the actual risk exposure.

Process Safety Audits

Our consulting staff has considerable experience in managing and conducting compliance audits for compliance with OSHA PSM and EPA RMP standards. PSM compliance audits include the fourteen elements of OSHA’s Process Safety Management regulation 40 CFR 1910.119 including the management system requirement of EPA’s RMP Rule.

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