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Fire Protection and Safety Design Services | DeltaQ Consultants

DeltaQ Consultants:

Our engineering team has designed, specified, inspected, and tested fire protection and detection systems in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. We are also experienced with Safety in Design projects, specifically in applying Human Factors in designing for inherently safer equipment and systems.

We effortlessly combine the traditional designs of active and passive fire protection design, fire dynamics and computer fire modeling, risk analysis, smoke management and the life safety aspect of human behavior in fire with our state-of-the-art capabilities to provide our clients with exemplary fire protection design and safety consulting services.

Fire Protection Systems Analysis

The DeltaQ Consultants' fire protection engineering team has analyzed fire protection and detection systems over a large range of residential, commercial, and industrial applications from large apartment complexes and office buildings to fuel storage depots and offshore platforms.

When analyzing any fire protection system, our fire protection team’s knowledge from investigating hundreds of fire incidents is combined with our unique knowledge of codes and standards to provide our clients with the most accurate assessment of their fire protection systems and provide cost effective solutions if areas are discovered where improvements are needed.

Life Safety Systems Analysis

The chance that a fire will occur in any given structure is based on many interrelated factors. Common building features such as the orientation of rooms, compartmentalization, ceiling height, and the fire resistance of building materials all play a role in how the structure will respond during a fire incident. Of the greatest importance is the ability to protect the occupants within the structure while they egress throughout the duration of the fire.

Our team of fire protection experts are uniquely experienced in providing life safety evaluations of all potential fire risk aspects within a structure. In addition to analyzing the traditional code compliance issues, our team excels bringing the state-of-the-art in research, computer fire modeling, computer egress modeling, structural protection, and building material analysis together to provide clients with a quantification of the life safety features present within their structure.

Smoke Management Systems Analysis

Smoke management systems are designed to control the movement of smoke inside a structure with the goals of allowing safe egress for the occupants and potentially protecting valuable building contents that cannot tolerate smoke exposure. Typically, these systems are created to force any smoke to migrate to a location where it can be exhausted from the structure. Smoke management systems within the can be required in high-rise buildings, structures with atria, enclosed shopping malls, and airport terminals.

We have extensive state-of-the-art experience in conducting computer modeling assisted design for these systems. Additionally, state and local building codes typically require a design professional to prepare a justifiable analysis that supports the design criteria to be used for a smoke management system. Our team of engineers can guide a client through their local process of commissioning a smoke management system that meets their code-required design and safety goals.

Suppression Systems Analysis and Design

Our suppression system design services run the full suite of services for our clients. Our services include the total range from pre-design analyses of differential systems to final design drawings and from implementation consulting services to the witnessing of final acceptance testing for both individual and integrated systems.

We are capable and experienced in designing sprinkler systems, gaseous suppression systems, dry chemical systems, clean-room systems, and hybrid performance-based systems for a variety of applications.

Code, Standard and Specification Analysis and Certification

All structures in the world must be designed, constructed, and maintained in compliance with the locally enforced building codes, fire codes, and standards. Almost all of these codes and standards are “prescriptive” in nature, where “prescriptive” refers to the code dictating all of the appropriate design parameters.

Our staff are experienced in the understanding and interpretation of all of the main prescriptive code organizations in the world, including NFPA, ICC, ASTM, ANSI, US DOD, SAE, UL, BOCA, SBCCI, and UBC. No matter the size or scope of your project, our team can expertly analyze all applicable codes in with regard to current philosophies, new technologies, and the latest requirements.