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Survey Design, Administration, and Data Analysis Services | DeltaQ Consultants

DeltaQ Consultants:

Organizations are increasingly recognizing the need to explore more sophisticated approaches to the assessment of workplace safety. Expertise in the development, design, administration, and analysis of employee perceptions, attitudes, and motivations can provide key insight into safety performance issues.

Survey Sampling Plan Design

By carefully designing a survey sampling plan using advanced statistical design concepts, we can increase the validity and reliability of your data. An accurate sampling plan can often assist in the overall control of survey costs by ensuring the data collected are representative.

Questionnaire Design

We offer expert advice on potential design issues such as question wording, question order, and response order effects (e.g. bias). Organizationally-specific item and scale development are available as well.

Survey Administration

DeltaQ Consultants specializes in the administration of both web and paper-based surveys. By using us to manage survey administration, bias in responses can be reduced and response rates increased since we act as a buffer between your organization and survey respondents.

Data Analysis and Weighting

We can analyze and interpret survey results using advanced statistical techniques. We analyze data with consideration of potential issues such as non-response bias and socially-desirable responding. We can also use data weighting methodologies to account for possible biases due to sampling anomalies.

Reporting of Survey Results

We uses advanced statistical techniques to extract more information from your data than simple tabular summaries. Our in-house subject matter experts are able to provide in-depth analyses of findings, while tailoring reports to a wide variety of audiences.

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